Boston Rum Week 2024

Events for attendees

Are you ready to embark on a rum-sipping adventure? Join us for a week of indulgence as we explore the world of rum together!
Boston’s top bars and restaurants are coming together to offer you an unforgettable experience of rum tasting flights, curated rum cocktails, and other exciting events that will make your taste buds dance with joy!
Whether you’re a seasoned rum connoisseur or a newbie looking to discover the magic of this delicious spirit, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to sip and savor as you sample some fantastic rums and memorable cocktails curated by our team of rum nerds and mixologists.
So gather your friends, grab your tasting glass, and let’s raise a toast to the wonders of rum! Don’t miss out on this epic week of fun and flavor – see you there!


Please be aware that the schedule is continuously evolving, and we’re updating it as more details become available.

Mai Tai Contest @ Wusong Road

πŸ“… Monday 9/16

πŸ•œ 5-8PM

🌐 Wusong Road

Experience the artistry of both professional and home bartenders as they craft exceptional Mai Tai cocktails, meticulously evaluated by esteemed industry experts. Join us for this thrilling showcase

BRW24 Launch Party @Bully Boy

πŸ“… Tuesday 9/17

πŸ•œ 7PM

🌐 Bully Boy Distillery

Join us for an exciting launch party at Bully Boy Distillery! Enjoy an exclusive bottling, live music, delicious food, handcrafted cocktails, and an insightful talk from the Bully Boy team.

Rum celebration with Privateer

πŸ“… Wednesday 9/18

πŸ•œ 8PM

🌐 Birds of Paradise

Join us at Birds of Paradise for an exclusive Privateer popup, featuring the winning cocktail from their Bottle in Bond competition. Don’t miss this unique tasting experience!

Norfolk’s Rum Dinner

πŸ“… Thursday 9/19

πŸ•œ 7.30PM


Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey during Boston Rum Week! Indulge in exquisite food accompanied by excellent rum, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

Lightning Rounds @ Burlington

πŸ“… Friday 9/20

πŸ•œ 7PM

🌐 Burlington Wine and Spirits

Join us for lightning rounds at Burlington! Enjoy 20-minute tastings, unseated and ticket-free, with mini walkaround tables available all night. Discover fantastic brands showcasing rum diversity.

BRW Seminars @Hampton Inn

πŸ“… Saturday 9/21

πŸ•œ 11AM-1PM

🌐 Hampton Inn (Watertown)

Join us for exclusive rum and sugarcane spirits seminars, featuring leading experts like Andrew Cabot, Shannon Mustipher, and Eric Kaye. Gain insights from the best in the industry!

Walkaround Tasting @ Gordon’s

πŸ“… Saturday 9/23

πŸ•œ 1PM-4PM

🌐 Gordon’s (Watertown)

Indulge in a premium rum tasting extravaganza at Gordon’s W&S. Sample the latest and finest offerings from top brands like Privateer, Holmes Cay, and Plantation, presented by leading producers and distributors.

Daiquiri Contest @ Shore Leave

πŸ“… Monday 9/18

πŸ•œ 5-8PM

🌐 Shore Leave

Watch skilled Boston bartenders craft exceptional Daiquiris, first evaluated by industry experts and then judged by the crowd. Witness the art of mixology and enjoy the competition!